Saturday, May 23, 2009

Synthetic Biology Resources
Image:SB Primer 100707.pdf
Berkeley Intro to Synthetic Biology (PDF)
Jason Kelly's Measurement Kit Video
Targeted Development of Registries of Biological Parts (Peccoud lab
Adventures in Synthetic Biology comic

Bioinformatics Tutorials Series (BITS)
A collaboration of the MIT Engineering and Science Libraries and Harvard's Countway Library

BIT 1.1: UCSC Genome Browser: Getting DNA Sequence (3:57)
BIT 1.2: UCSC Genome Browser: Using Annotation Tracks (5:47)
BIT 1.3: UCSC Genome Browser: Locating Intron-Exon Boundaries (4:56)
BIT 1.4: UCSC Genome Browser: Searching with BLAT (6:14)

BIT 2.1: Do I need to BLAST? The Use of BLAST Link (7:24)
BIT 2.2: Do I need to BLAST? The Use of Related Sequences (6:53)
BIT 2.3: Nucleotide BLAST (5:46)
BIT 2.4: Nucleotide BLAST: Algorithm Comparisons (6:14)

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