Monday, February 23, 2009

Science Versus the Biological Clock (VIDEO) - MUST WATCH

Down with IGF1, The Grim Reaper Hormone! Power to Sadaf16 the fountain of youth Gene.
This is amazing. There is a whole network of Aging Genes. You can change individual genes and have huge effects on lifespan.

Science Versus the Biological Clock at the 2007 Aspen Health Forum with discussants William Colby, Cynthia Kenyon and Stephanie Lederman. Nigel Cameron moderates the discussion.

Despite advances in medical research, we're all getting older - but that hasn't stopped the scientific search for the Fountain of Youth. Experts such as those on our panel are discovering genes central to the aging process. Their research may make it possible to slow the process of aging, but in the meantime we face a burgeoning population of older adults. This demographic shift has the potential to change medical research, health care, and our nation as a whole - Aspen Institute

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