Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The GoGoFuge - Opensource microcentrifuge uses a Dremel tool

"The GoGoFuge is a low-cost, open-source microcentrifuge for classrooms and hobbyists. The rotation is driven by a portable Dremel tool controlled by a GoGoBoard and its associated relay and display unit.  The 3-D printed spinning bit can spin up to six 1.5 ml Eppendorf tubes at forces up to 10,000 xg.  The user can control both the speed of rotation, via a rotary knob, and the spin time, via an intuitive interface on the display.  It can be powered by the attached battery pack (8xAA batteries) or a 12V wall adapter.  Moreover, the user can swap out the spinning Dremel bit for the jiggler bit, which allows for vortexing of the Eppendorf tubes.

Construction Guide:
(Note: All necessary laser cutting files and GogoBoard code are included here.)
1) Cut the wood on 0.2" plywood.
2) Place Dremel (Model #760-04) inside the base.  These will fit snuggly.
3) Snap in the GoGoBoard Display unit in the front face, along with the Time buttons, the variable Speed resistor and "Go" button.  Secure with wood glue if needed.
4) Insert the female 2.1mm power plug into the back face and secure with wood glue.
5) Snap the remaining wood pieces together nicely.  Secure 5 of the six sides with wood glue.
6) Cut the Acrylic on 1/8" Acrylic.  These will snap nicely within the wooden lid frame.  Secure with wood glue.
7) Connect the GoGoBoard, Relay, Motor, and Display unit and place within the enclosure.
8) Turn the GoGoBoard on and close the enclosure with the remaining (unglued) face.
User Guide:
- To change the bit, press down the "Motor Lock" button on the back of the GoGoFuge, and then use the Dremel wrench to tighten or loosen the bit.
- Before spinning your samples, ensure that your eppendorf tubes are securely fastened within the 3-D printed spinner attachment and that the weight is distributed evenly (i.e. only spin in multiples of two)
- Based on your experiment, control the spin speed with the variable speed knob.  The maximum force is rated just about 10,000 xg.
- When vortexing your samples with the jiggler bit, be sure to secure the bit's elastic bands to the pull-up screws of the GoGoFuge to avoid unwanted spinning."

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