Friday, January 3, 2014

Cell Biology By The Numbers - 2013 lectures by Dr. Ron, Milo, Department of Plant Sciences, Weizmann Institute of Science

Part 1:

Introduction. Estimation of number of mRNA molecules in a cell

Part 2:

Sizes in cells. Which is larger an mRNA or the protein it codes for?
Geometrical mean. A gallery cellular components and their sizes.

Part 3:

Presentation on microscope resolution of fluorophores.
Concentrations in cells - ions, metabolites, macro-molecules and others.

Part 4:

Energies in the cellular scale. What is the power consumption of humans.
How to convert between reaction energies, molecular numbers and output energies.

Part 5:

Rates and times. Which is faster, translation or transcription? Response times for proteins and RNA's. Typical rates and times of diffusion in cells. Time of diffusion through an axon. Case study - should codon usage considerations be affected by diffusion of tRNA's?

Part 6:

Information, Errors and Mutations
Ratio of gene number to genome size in different organisms.
Error rates in transcription and translation.
Implications on existence of point mutations in bacteria and human.

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