Thursday, March 25, 2010

BioBrick-A-Bot Project by University of Washington - iGEM 2009 Presentation @ MIT

BioBrick-A-Bot Model C V 1.1 in action.

IGEM Presentation Part 1:

IGEM Presentation Part 2:

University of Washington Software Team. BioBrick-A-Bot Project to be presented at MIT from Oct 30- Nov 2 during
iGEM (Intl Genetically Engineered Machine) 2009
BioBrick-A-Bot is made up of an ALPHA Module and a PHI Module mounted on a BETA Frame.

BETA Frame: BioBrick Environmental Test Apparatus

ALPHA Module: Automated Lego Pipette Head Assembly
- Motor 1, Motor 2, Motor 3 used to position the pipette head accurately to any wells on the 96-well plate.

PHI Module
Pneumatic Handling Interface
- Motor 1 connected to a piston, either Aspirate or Dispense Fluid
- Motor 2 connected to 2 compression pumps, emit air jet to Clean Fluid
- Motor 3 controls a 3-way switch which selects one of 3 actions: Aspirate / Dispense, Nothing or Clean

Master Slave Synchronization
- Master Device : ALPHA Module
- Slave Device : PHI Module
- synchronization is programmtically controlled via bluetooth wireless technology

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