Friday, March 13, 2009

SB 4.0 Videos have ARRIVED!!!!!!! (Synthetic Biology 4.0 conference Videos)

It was worth the wait there are over a hundred videos!

Lauren Ha of the BBF and her colleagues from HKUST have uploaded ~110
videos from the SB4.0 conference, held in Hong Kong last October.

The videos are free online via:

The videos cover many different aspects of the conference, from formal
lectures to informal conversations.

About SB 4.0

The mission of Synthetic Biology 4.0 is to bring together researchers who are working to:

  • design and build biological parts, devices and integrated biological systems
  • develop technologies that enable such work
  • place this scientific and engineering research within its current and future social context

The conference was a coordinated effort between HKUST, Hong Kong University, and Chinese University. Hong Kong provided an ideal location to explore the commercialization of Synthetic Biology in Asia as well as the launching of regional research and educational programs. Further, the meeting facilitated connections between researches and leaders in government, industry, and civic organizations.

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