Saturday, February 7, 2009

Two Virtual BIO Labs (flash player)! and bioinformatics.

The following sites are built around laboratory experiments and bioinformatics and were often developed by the Dolan DNA learning center in collaboration with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory scientist:



Bring students up to date on advances in plant genetics and genomics by integrating laboratory experiences with online bioinformatics resources.

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Silencing Genomes

Utilize this online lab notebook with an integrated experiment- and bioinformatics-based curriculum on RNAi in C. elegans. Access detailed laboratory protocols, photos and videos of C. elegans mutants, and a simple check-out system to obtain any of 80 C. elegans mutants and E. coli feeding strains.
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Dynamic Gene

Learn about plant genomes by using bioinfomatics to analyze newly sequenced genes in rice and maize.
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Analyze your DNA with the Dolan DNA Learning Center's bioinformatics tools. Compare your DNA with DNA from other humans and other species stored in a database maintained by the DNALC.
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Genetic Origins
Find out what DNA tells us about human origins. Use your own DNA to explore relationships between different ethnic populations. Complete with laboratory protocols and information on how to send samples to the DNALC for sequencing.
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