Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Facebook Gene Gifts! Be the first to give your friends a Virtual Gene.

A key part of psyching yourself up for independent learning is developing a culture around what your are doing. We are social animals! When we're part of a culture or a movement, that social motivation is a huge boost. So involve your friends in your BIO obsession! Give them a gene present on Facebook! :) click here ...

I found this application while reading up on David Wishart after seeing his great lecture on structural biology. To see other things Genome Alberta is involved with you can visit their web site here. They are also currently working very hard on the noble project of saving us from the mountain pine beetle epidemic! As you may know that invasive beetle is rapidly destroying our nations forests. An estimated 2 million acres so far in 2008! Download their powerpoint presentation on that here. Many thanks to David and Genome Alberta for both facebook and using genetics to help save our forests. Good luck! We are all cheering for you over here!

"If you came here from your Facebook Gene Gift, you are among the first to be able to give the gift of a virtual gene.Genome Alberta is a not-for-profit organization which initiates, funds, and manages genomic projects and other related 'omics' such as nutrigenomics and metagenomics. As the science of genomics takes rapid leaps forward, Genome Alberta is also a leader in GE3LS projects. GE3LS stands for Genomics: Ethics, Economics, Environment, Legal and Ethical and these are all key pieces of the issues faced when genomics meets society."


  1. Thanks for mentioning our Facebook App.
    We try to change the News section on a regular basis and worked hard to make each gene interesting and worth a read. The icons were designed just for the application by a great artist out of the U.S. names Don Barnett. The whole project benfited from the work of Jeff Reifmann also the developer of



  2. No Problem Mike! Thanks for mentioning some of the other people involved and thanks for all of your great work. Keep us updated :)