Sunday, February 8, 2009

"THE DNA FILES" - An Award Winning NPR Radio Show
A quick caveat, this series does not teach theory or techniques but it does provide situational awareness about what's affecting the field today and it is very entertaining.

"Hosted by John Hockenberry and guided by an outstanding panel of advisors, the documentaries and features explore not only the science of genetics, but its ethical, social and legal implications. The series — produced by SoundVision Productions and distributed by National Public Radio — has met with wide acclaim and won many prestigious awards."

AND! The sound engineer on this series is awesome. Lie in bed with headphones and listen to "the heat is on" Travel on boats, through rainforests, and even into space. Very enjoyable! Each show takes you on 'sound trips' around the world and features interviews with a whole variety of researchers. Yay for John, Soundvision, and of course you are always dear to our hearts NPR! :)

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