Sunday, February 22, 2009

Building the perfect Synth Biology Course... Working Lunch Session - SynBERC (MIT) - 20 March 2007

Thinking about how to best teach yourself Synth Biology? Listen to the SynBERC working lunch session at MIT about the perfect Synth Bio course.

Natalie Kuldell leads a discussion on education in synthetic biology including the following topics...

  • What curriculum exists (and an open discussion of their efficacy)
  • What communities would benefit/find usefulness in the materials
  • What content should be taught (a big topic)
  • How to best convey material (comic 2.0 vs web tutorials vs SB majors vs textbook etc.)
  • What's holding us back (maybe...this might be part of all the rest of the topics and doesn't need a separate header).
See the OpenWetWare page for this lunch.

Synthetic Biology Working Group lunches are an opportunity for anyone in the Boston-area who is interested in synthetic biology to get together and discuss current issues and topics in the field. Each lunch discussion is led by someone (selected at the end of lunch the previous week) and focuses on a particular topic. The style of the lunch is really meant to be a discussion rather than a presentation. Therefore, discussion leaders frequently give a chalk talk or only have a handful of slides to help structure discussion. More info at OpenWetWare.

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