Monday, February 9, 2009

Bio Lab Techniques Videos! Centrifuges, Spectrophotometers, and more!

An excellent collection of videos demonstrating common biology laboratory techniques! Thanks Erica and Grace!

These videos were created by two
Johns Hopkins University undergraduates, Erica Hartmann and Grace Maldarelli, with input from faculty involved in undergraduate laboratory courses in the JHU Department of Biology (Robert Horner, Carolyn Norris and Rebecca Pearlman) and graduate laboratory courses in the JHU Advanced Biotechnology Studies programs (Patrick Cummings and Kristina Obom). We are grateful for the Technology Fellowship from the JHU Center for Educational Resources (CER) that made this work possible, and for the expertise of Richard Shingles, our CER liaison.We hope you find them useful!

The videos below are .mov files and may be viewed with QuickTime (available free for both Mac and Windows computers).

Using a Macropipet

Using a Micropipet

Using a Centrifuge

Using a Spectrophotometer

Focusing a Microscope Using Koehler Illumination

Focusing an Inverted Microscope

Running an Agarose Gel

Using a GelDoc to Visualize an Agarose Gel


Running an ELISA

Lab Safety: A Few Good Rules

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