Monday, February 24, 2014

3D print your own micropipette ("The Biropette: a customizable, high precision pipette by tbaden" & The Straw Pipette - Thingiverse)

The Biropette
"Description: Accurate to a few microliters, approx. linear regulator. Customizable range and accuracy - use the customizer! Optional tip removal button ("Expunger"). No supports, designed for stability & fast printing. For details, see downloadable pdf. ( Read that before printing! You may have to use the customizer, e.g. depending on your printer accuracy, what range you want, or which type of tip you plan to use! Then you will need a bit of glue, a lab glove or similar, some tape, and 2 biro fillings including the spring. And one screw. In short, find some sort of tube that will fit a pipette tip (metal tube, PVC, anything) - then measure its diameter and put that into the customizer - alongside with all kinds of other options.*inspired by the straw pipette: Thing:64977 by kwalus."

Print the rack too...

The Straw Pipette:

"Print the upper body, lower body, plunger, and two thumb gears. You will need a spring, which I got from a kids Pez dispenser for its form factor. The balloon membrane is elastic so you may get away without the spring but it is nicer to have it. You will also need a balloon, some tape, and a straw. It is designed for one particular straw diameter but I can upload others if there is demand. See the attached photos for assembly steps. I printed all the pieces at 0.1mm with 15% fill and 100% fill for the plunger."

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