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Biology Prefixes and Suffixes

Biology Prefixes and Suffixes that start with A or B are below... you can find the rest of the alphabet here:

A and B

-ase = enzyme
Examples: sucrase (sucr-ase) - an enzyme that catalyzes the decomposition of sucrose into glucose and fructose

-ate = having, characterized by, resembling
Examples: nervate (nerv-ate) - leaves characterized by prominent veins

-ary = of or relating to
Examples: urinary (urin-ary) - of or relating to urine and its production or excretion

auto- = self. Examples: autotroph (auto-troph) - organism that is self nourishing or capable of generating its own food

asco- = sac, bag. Examples: ascomycete (asco-mycete) - fungi whose spores are produced in a sac

arth- = joint. Examples: arthritis (arth-itis) - joint inflammation

antho- = flower. Examples: anthophyta (antho-phyta) - plant division composed of flowering plants

ante- = before. Examples: antemortem (ante-mortem) - before death

angio- = vessel. Examples: angiotensin (angio-tensin) - neurotransmitter that causes blood vessels to become narrow

andro- = male. Examples: androgen (andro-gen) - male hormone

ana- = upward, back, again. Examples: anaplasia (ana-plasia) - cell reverting to an immature form

-amyl = starch. Examples: amylase (amyl-ase) - a group of starch enzymes

amphi- = both, on both sides, around. Examples: amphibian (amphi-bian) - animal that can live on both land and water

ambi- = both. Examples: ambidextrous (ambi-dextrous) - capable of using both hands

aer- or aero- = air, oxygen. Examples: aerobic (aer-o-bic) - with oxygen

ad- = toward, near. Examples: adrenal (ad - renal) - toward the kidneys

ab- = away from. Examples: abnormal (ab - normal) - departing from normality

a- = without, negative, not. Examples: asexual ( a- sexual) - without sex

bi- = two. Examples: biennial (bi-ennial ) - plant with two year life span

bio- = life. Examples: biology (bio-logy) - the study of life

= upper arm, forelimb. Examples: brachium (brachi-um) - arm-like part of an animal

brady- = slow. Examples: bradycardia (brady-cardia) - slow heart beat

bronchi- = windpipe. Examples: bronchioles (bronchi-oles) - small tubes in the lungs

bryo- = moss. Examples: bryophyte (bryo-phyte) - mosses

-blast = bud or germ. Examples: osteoblast (osteo-blast) - a cell from which bone is derived

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