Thursday, February 12, 2009

Great news! iGem is now open to DIY TEAMS!!!!!!

For the first time this year iGEM has a non-institutional teams division!@ Scroll two posts below on this blog to read all about iGEM! :)

Mac spoke with Randy Rettberg on Friday about the specifics:
  • Team registration will be $500, due March 31.
  • There will be an additional per-person Jamboree fee later
  • All teams will have access to iGEM Partner deals ($0.20/bp synthesis from GeneArt; MatLab + simbiology toolkit)
  • All teams can request parts from the Registry. Requests will have to be approved by a Safety Committee.
  • Each team will get to present their work with a 5-minute talk and a poster at the Jamboree
  • The Jamboree will be Oct 31 - Nov 2.

For more information about iGEM, visit:

The above was quoted directly from Mackenzie Cowell's post on visit the source post here:

For those who don't know Mackenzie Cowell is one of the founding fathers of the DIY Bio movement, and started the first group. He is in Boston and runs Make sure to thank Mac for all his work and keep visiting, they will be posting more news on iGEM, the Registry of Standard Biological Parts, and Synthetic Biology!

From you can join the DIY BIO google group and find other DIY Bio enthusiasts in your area.

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