Saturday, February 28, 2009

BIO LAB EXPERIMENT WALK THROUGH VIDEOS - Mike White's Entire Collection - Inserting GFP into bacteria, Mixing Agar, and More!

A big thank you to Dr. Mike White for posting these videos! and a thanks to Frank on the DIY Bio mailing list for telling us about this! Enjoy!

Inserting GFP into bacteria

Transforming carrot explants with green fluorescent protein

Surface Sterilizing Carrot Seeds

Planting and germinating carrot seeds

Washing carrot seeds and placing in germination medium

Placing seeds in germination medium

Placing seeds in germination medium 2

Analysis of Seed Germination Data


Preparing tissue culture media

Weighing Agar

Mixing Nutrient Agar

Nutrient agar after mixing

Pouring Agar Plates


Subculturing Bacterial Stock

Transferring Bacteria to Fresh Medium

Agrobacterium Mechanism

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